How to Share Your Lyft and Uber Referral Codes with Inigo

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Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft are always expanding, and they populate new areas with riders through start up bonuses as high as $500. All existing drivers have a referral code that they may use to profit from drivers that they refer— usually earning the same high bonus. Many drivers get involved with advertising these codes on paid job boards like Craigslist or give them out to interested riders. By using Inigo, drivers can maximize their bonus earning potential by creating a digital business card that contains their referral codes, which can easily be shared in-person with interested riders or online through social media. Here’s how to do it: Create an Inigo account after downloading the app by clicking here for Android users or here for
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52 NonProfits

The road to serving 52 nonprofits in 52 cities in 52 weeks

My name is Travis Miller and I am the COO of, a startup that helps non profit companies grow pro bono. This is my story. This is my road to success. Why do I want to serve 52 non profits in 52 weeks? I believe we have a great nation, with great people. Unfortunately, we rarely hear about them because of all the negative press. I want to change that. I want to show what can happen when one young person decides to give their time, energy and resources to create value and make a difference. Furthermore, I want to show what can happen when we all work together toward one goal. Why my mission to help non profits grow will be a unique mission. Over
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