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Clicks, Views and Saves

Real time analytics displays when your card is viewed and what links were clicked.

Collect and Organize Sales Leads

Automatically gather all of the contacts your team meets and keep them organized in one location.

Simplify Card Brand Management

Create custom business card templates for your company, departments or individual products.



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Store Contacts from Your Team

Automatically collect contacts from every team member and sort by teams, point of contact, actions and more.

Track Team Leaderboard

View analytics of your team members to see who makes the most introductions and has the most engagement, and see where those leads are clicking on your team's card.

Create Teams and Sub-teams

Manage different departments, teams and projects by creating sub-teams with their own managers and card templates.

Control Branding with Universal Templates.

Changes you make to card templates get automatically updated on your team’s cards. Add websites, social links, videos, and more.

Design a template for your team

Only $5.49 per user / month,

when paid annually.

Upgraded Premium Features

Design From PC or Phone

Create card designs in the Inigo template designer and push the cards to all of your teammate's phones.

Personalize Your Outbound Link

When you share an Inigo card customize the link that your recipient will click on.

Scan More Paper Cards

Use the in-app scanner to transform a paper business card into a digital Inigo card.

Export Your Contact List

With the click of a button, export all of your contacts as a CSV file that can be uploaded to most CRMs.

Universal Templates

Create branded business cards that can be used by your whole team and update it whenever.

Measure Your Performance

Measure how your team creates contacts and see the results of your branded cards with new customers.

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