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Empower your team with digital business cards and manage how your brand appears to the world.

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Inigo saves you time and money

Save money and skip the hassle of designing and ordering paper business cards and create branded business cards for every employee with Inigo.

Target leads more efficiently

Whenever you shake a hand Inigo is working for you by collecting who you met, where you met, and a piece of contact information to remember them by.

Export your contacts to any CRM

Less than 12% of paper business cards end up in a company’s CRM. With Inigo, upload 100% of the contacts your team meets to one centralized database.

Manage Your Team

Manage your digital business cards in the Inigo back office and create stunning templates that you can deploy to your team's smartphones.

Design your first business card in seconds.

Design your first card on the next few screens then login on your smartphone to save your new card.

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