Sam P Lark Jr. | Customer Success Manager

Sam used Inigo and Twitter so well on social media he was picked up by Main Street Hub, a full-service marketing platform. Sam is very social and we are glad he is part of our tribe.

"Best way to stay connected in this always changing digital age."

Joe Davis | Bryan Honda VEP Sales Consultant

Joe Davis has been a loyal customer for over a year, and let me tell you, there is no better heart on the car lot the Joe. He is nicknamed Dr. Diesel and even has #TheJoeDavisMovement where he donates money to charity…like I said Great man!

“This product is awesome. I send it to all my customers. One of the first things they say is, 'Hey, I have never seen anything like this!' I even had a customer, that got lost. I said 'Pull up my (card) and click on where to find us.' He clicked on (the card) and it brought him straight to the dealership."

Michelle Chafin | Program Manager at Curtin Entrepreneurship Centre

"You can share, download contact v card, click on all our social media. Or once click on browser when card is open and text or message the card as a Pay it Forward. It is fun to use and great fun to design.""