Inigo now has a Partner Portal where you can create wrappers for business cards and manage your clients or customers accounts. The app will always be Inigo, but the cards can have your look and feel.

Brand Your Customers Cards

By becoming an Inigo Partner you can brand your own digital business cards so when your customers meet their customers, everyone sees your brand.

The card internals are editable by the user, however, your message is displayed at the bottom of every card with links to any website you choose.

Load up your Portal

As a reseller or partner, you have access to your partner portal. A location for you to input customers, manage their templates, and control your message.

Every user inside your portal is your customer. This means, if they purchase any of our products, you get paid. Cold hard cash.

Customers Start with Your Template

Sure anyone can download Inigo, its free on Android and iPhone. However, what if when they downloaded the app their first card was designed by you.

You can design different cards per customer, or one default template for every customer, its up to you!


Get paid for Selling Inigo

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Your Arsenal includes Inigo team or Inigo Desktop

Get Paid

  • Sell Inigo Team
  • Sell Inigo Desktop
  • Get cash per month
  • Create templates for your brand
  • Full Access to Partner Portal


Your Brand on Customers Cards

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Give your clients a business card that always links back to you

Pay Per User

  • Access to Partner Portal
  • Brand the card footer
  • Get paid from your customers
  • Option to sell Team / Desktop
  • Create custom templates

Master Reseller

Claim your Territory

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Become an Inigo Master in your town, and support other Resellers

Own a Territory

  • Manage other Resellers
  • Instruct resellers on Inigo
  • Get paid when they get paid
  • Manage your own templates
  • Option to sell team / Desktop

No sales requirements or obligations. The customers in your Portal make you money when they decide to upgrade.

Easy Template Design Tools

Inigo provides your portal the ability to customize your template with every detail that exists on the app.

Change the background, upload your logo, add your website, URLS, videos, marketing material, and more!

Become a Master, Own a Territory

If you choose to become a master reseller then you can claim a state and become the goto person in that state for business's, customers, and other resellers.

Territories allow you to manage your customer base within arms reach.

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