The goal of Inigo Team is to organize your employees, (Users), into buckets (teams) so that you can share digital business card (Templates) with each Team. Then you will create digital business card templates and send those templates to your team to use. Most importantly you will be able to save all the contacts that your teammates meet into Inigo Team.

Are you ready...Lets Go!

Organizational Structure

Think of your organizational structure. You might have managers, employees and administrators.

Typically, the person who is setting up Inigo Team is an employee in the tree structure. This is fine, because as an Account Owner you will determine who are managers and users.

 Kemba Tip:   Managers will only be able to see Users below their tree structure. Sister relationship Managers will not see the users of other teams.

Name Your Teams

Decide how you want your organization to be grouped. Think of who will be managing each team and define a team name for each group. Examples might be...

  • Michigan Office
  • Florida Office
  • Boston Office
  • California Office
  • Jerry's Team
  • Tommy's Bunch
  • Jesse's Club
  • Timmy's Gaggle
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Vice Presidents

So first things first, when you log into Inigo Team, begin adding buckets (Teams). You can learn how to do this here... Adding Teams in Inigo

Add Your Teammates

Once the teams are created you can begin adding all of your teammates. Make sure to include managers, administrators, and all people you want to receive a digital business card. You can learn how to add users here... Adding Users in Inigo

As you are adding users, you can concurrently assign them to teams. It saves time, and ensures accuracy. Read about buckets below.

 Kemba Tip:  If a User has "Unconfirmed" next to his name then they have not approved their account from an email. I suggest you send a card first, but if you want to get rid of the pesky "Unconfirmed" click the menu on the right of the user and select "Resend"

Organize Your Teams

Knowing your companies organizational structure, sort all of your employees into buckets (Teams) that were created in the above step.

Your Inigo Team should begin to take shape...

 Kemba Tip:  You can add as many Team's as you like. The idea is to stay organized and only include users that have similar qualities.

Assign Managers to Teams

You are the Account Owner, so you have access and viewing privileges to all teams and users. However, you can limit who sees which team by assigning managers.

Any user can be a Manager. The Account Owner can assign the manager by selecting the user followed by the word "Managing" Any Manager can assign additional managers below him to assist his duties.

Select which accounts you want this Manager to see. A Team can have multiple Managers which can edit the teams and manage the digital business cards. Users that are not managers or Account Owners can only access team to view contacts and manage their own cards.

Create Templates

Now for the fun to begin. Go on, head over to templates,you know you have been waiting too!

Click the "Add" button in the bottom right and design your first Template. You will be taken to a screen that looks very similar to the app. The card on the left is clickable. Click on any section to change its characteristics.

 Kemba Tip:  When you create Text fields, remember your users will replace those fields with their information. So for "Name of Person" it is smart to put text similar to: "TYPE NAME HERE". If you put your name your teammates will be very confused!

Assign Templates to Teams

Great, you completed designing your first template. It is time to send it to your team and their phones so they can meet contacts.

On the top right corner of each template is a menu. Select and "Assign to Team"

Pick the teams you want the template to be sent to:

Email Sent With Card

The Team you selected in the previous step will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up and get their new card. Your teammates email will look like this...

 Kemba Tip:  You just sent out a template for your team to edit, change, modify and customize. If you make changes to the template you will be overwriting their hard work. Create a new template instead!