Inigo Team Account Owner Login and Setup

This guide is for the Account Owner the Inigo Team to login and setup the account for users. Lookout for Kemba tips along the way!

Logging In

Go to Inigo Team Homepage in your browser.

Type your email address into the box and press "Create a new Team."

 Kemba Tip:  Save this screen in your bookmarks. When you want to login, navigate to this screen and press login in the top right corner :)

Confirm Email

After you press "Create New Team" you will be presented with this screen asking you to confirm you own the email address.

Navigate to your account and find the email sent from

Press the Green Button. This will activate your account.

 Kemba Tip:  The bottom of the email has buttons that will take you to the app store to download the app. This is the first time we give you a link to download, don't worry we will ask again!

Welcome Page

After your email is successfully confirmed, your browser will redirect you to the Inigo Team login page.

Here is the video in case you missed it...

Complete Your Profile

Now that you know the concept of Inigo Team from the video, you will now have the opportunity to tell us a little bit about yourself. Start with your first and last name and an email address.

 Kemba Tip:  The password you enter here is not needed in the app. Websites require passwords for security reasons. Mobile applications use authentications to confirm identity.

Success :)

You are officially signed in to Inigo Team. You have a 14 day trial to test things out.

Head over to the next section to continue your Inigo Team education.