Saving Contacts

Learn how to save all of the people you meet. Every time you share your card, a contact is created, and this guide will help you manage that contact.

Save to contacts

When you share your contact information you are sending your data to some piece of contact information that you just acquired. Whether it was a phone number, email address, or social media username, you can save more details about this person in the "Save to Contacts" section.

First, you can access this section by sharing your cards in the following ways.

  • Text Message
  • Email
  • Social Media (occasional)
  • Copy Link



 Kemba Tip:  By typing in the name on the share screen you save time on the save to contacts screen!


The name appears on the top of the save to contact screen. From Android, you can choose to enter the name on the screen before if you are sharing with a text message or email address and it will appear here.

Otherwise, you can enter the name of the person you just met. The new acquaintance will not see this data, however, it will appear in your contacts under this name.

Edit card on Android

Edit card on iPhone

The name of the card will appear at the top of the card on this screen and on the picture of the card on the Inigo Now screen. When you send this card to contacts they will see the name of the card as it appears on your display.

Finding location


If you allow Inigo the permission of sharing your location, then every time you share a card, the location in which you are standing will be recorded. This is a very useful feature for Team as you can recall where you met someone rather then who.


You can enter the location manually when you meet someone. This allows you to remember where, rather then who you met, if necessary.



Adding note

You can add a comment or note about the contact you just met to help you remember. This note does not get sent to the contact and is for internal use only.

Inigo Team users can use this note section to have conversations with their Team about contacts. You can leave mentions and notes to inform your team of valuable leads.



Select profile picture

The profile picture randomly loaded here is to help your contacts differentiate themselves from the other contacts. You can quickly select how the person looks in cartoon form to help you remember who they are.



 Kemba Tip:  We are experimenting with iPhone to offer a standard Grey Icon Man, let us know what you think!

Adding Labels (Team Only)

Coming soon, you will be able to add labels to your new contacts to organize them in Team.

Choosing a team

Coming soon, you will be able to select which Team this contact should be associated with.