Initial Setup

Download Inigo

You can download Inigo by going to your platforms app store and searching for Inigo.

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iPhone Icon

You can also download Inigo By clicking on the following two icons:

Log In

After downloading the app, click on the icon to open Inigo.

Logging into Inigo is easy. We do not require a password. You can use your social media authentication tokens to verify your identity.

 Kemba Tip:  If you are signing in as part of a team, use email authentication.

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Using social networks

Logging into using social media is safe and easy. Simply select which network you use the most and enter your credentials for THAT network. Inigo does not ask for anymore information than needed to create a digital business card. We never post on your behalf and do not mine your data for 3rd party advertisements.

Android Login


 Kemba Tip:  Logging in with social media is the fastest way into Inigo.

Email authentication

Email authentication is the most common used sign in for Inigo. If you choose this option, you will be asked which email you would like to send the authentication token to.

Once you send the authentication email, navigate to your email service and look for an email from

Open the email and click on the link to authenticate that you own this email account.

Navigate back to the Inigo app.

Android Email Authentication

iPhone Email Authentication

Password management

Inigo does not store any passwords, even if you login with social media. It is impossible for us to see the passwords you type in to those accounts. Therefore, it is very important you remember HOW you login. The next time you switch phones, get kicked out of the app, or logout you will be asked to login again. You will not have to login every time you open Inigo. Only when an event occurs that forces you to log out, or we suspect your account is un-secure and we reset your account. This will simply require you to "log in" again.

 Kemba Tip:  Remember how you log in. It is important you follow those steps every time you see the login screen.

First card creation

Inigo will create your first card for you based on the information you supplied us during your login process. If you provided us with just an email, we will attach your email to your first card. This card is 100% editable and can be adjusted immediately. We only provide you with this card to give you confidence to throw away that paper card.

If you need help editing this card head over to the Card Editing section.

If you are part of a team and you enter Inigo with a pre-made card, then your administrator or account owner created that card for you. He has also provided you with certain permissions to change sections of this card. You can contact the Account Owner for help on editing this card.

User name management

The way in which you login to Inigo becomes your username. If you are part of a team then your email address is your username. If you sign in with social media, then the email associated with that account is now your username.

You can claim other social media sites by adding them as elements to your account. How to do this is explained here.

There is no way to see your username or access it. If you decide to change your email address on social media, it will not change with Inigo. If you have any questions or have issues with your account then contact us.

Log out and back in

If for whatever reason you get logged out of your account you can log back in. When you login, you must login with the same email address that is associated with your account. If you logged in with a social media authentication, then you should log in with this again.

Example: You downloaded the app on day 1 and logged in with Facebook. Your email address associated with Facebook is If you need to login again and decide to use Twitter, but the email address associated with your Twitter is then you will not gain access to Inigo.

Allowing permissions

Permissions are what Inigo needs to access on your phone to function properly. The operating systems on your phone have declared that these permissions are personal and require your consent. If you would like to allow Inigo access to these permissions then please do so. If you choose not to allow permissions the app may not function properly.

Android Permissions

Remove data

All of the data that you add to Inigo is saved on our servers associated to your account. If you remove this data we still save the data for a period of time in case there was a mistake and we need to recover loss data. If you would like to completely remove data then you need to send an email to

 Kemba Tip:  If you are part of a team, then you can manage this data on a PC or Mac.

Delete account

If you would like to completely remove your account then you must send an email to