Inigo History

Every person you meet will be stored in your history section by the date that you met the person. Each "share" event creates a bookmark in history that can store all sorts of data about your contact. You can review and edit this data later, this section teaches you how to work with your history screen.

Viewing contacts

Contacts can be viewed in the order that you met them. Each contact has general information about your meeting:

  • Location of meeting
  • Name of contact
  • At least one piece of contact info about your contact
  • Notes (optional)

Understanding how to properly save your contacts head over to the Saving Contacts section.

View History (Android)

View History (iPhone)

 Kemba Tip:  See the numbers next to the eye? That is how many times they viewed your card after you sent it!

Understanding order

Every contact you meet is stored, top to bottom, in the order that you met them. There is a time stamp on each contact that can be viewed

Contact person

From the history section you can contact the person you saved. Simply tap on their row and you will be presented with "Contact." Depending on the method in which you saved them you will be prompted to either text, call, or email.

Contact on Android

Contact on iPhone

Contact details

Depending on the information you used in saving contacts you can add or edit these details. To enter the edit section click on the contact.

Edit Android Contact

Edit iPhone Contact

Contact views

It is very valuable to understand how many times the person you sent your contact details views your card. In History, under each contact, you can see just when they viewed it by time and date. The more they view it, the more instances will be created here.

You can either select from the templates, or choose your own image from your phone by clicking on the "+" button.

Understand Views on Android

Understand Views on iPhone

 Kemba Tip:  If you share your card on social media you can get a lot of views very quickly. This helps marketing or sales, because you can understand how well received your card was by your customers.

Editing Contacts

Every contact can be edited by clicking on the contact itself. Once you are in the contact card screen you can edit this card much like you are creating a card for yourself. Add any missing information to that contact that you find relevant.

Edit Contact Details (Android)

Edit Contact Details (iPhone)

Deleting contacts

You can also delete a contact from history either by pressing the trash can in the contact details, or on the contact card itself.

Delete Contact (Android)

Delete Contact (iPhone)