Card Editing

This section will teach you how to edit an Inigo card on Android or iPhone. If you want to learn how to edit your card from the web head down to the Team Support section.

Edit a card

You can edit any card by pressing on the edit button from the Inigo Now screen.

Edit card on Android

Edit card on iPhone

 Kemba Tip:  Inigo Now is your home screen. It is where all your cards live.

Edit the card name

By pressing on the card title you will be able to edit the name of the card.

Edit card on Android

Edit card on iPhone

The name of the card will appear at the top of the card on this screen and on the picture of the card on the Inigo Now screen. When you send this card to contacts they will see the name of the card as it appears on your display.

Change user name

You can edit the user name on each card. This spot is generally reserved for a name but you can put any text you want here. In the account settings you can create a default username to automatically set the name on every new card.

Android User Name

iPhone User Name

Edit the description

The section below the background is allocated for a description where you can include up to 250 characters. However, you can put any text you want in this box.

Edit Android description

Edit iPhone description

Choose new background

The way to stand out in any introduction is to create a stunning background. The space here allows you to demonstrate something important to you that allows you to show off. To change the background, click on the image.

You can either select from the templates, or choose your own image from your phone by clicking on the "+" button.

Add new background (Android)

Add new background (iPhone)

 Kemba Tip:  The best size image to use is 1080 pixels wide and 720 pixels tall. THis is also known as the 3x2 ratio.

Change profile picture

Changing your profile picture is similar to changing the background. When you select the image, you will be taken to a selector with templates or your own pictures. If you logged in or authenticated with any social media, you will find that picture in this list. If your social media image changes, Inigo will need to be re-authenticated to see the new picture. To complete this, logout and back in.

Change picture on iPhone

Change picture on iPhone

Switch Colors

Inigo is working on a method that allows you to change the color of the border of your card. The top of each card will contain a paint icon allowing you to choose which color represents your card the best.

Add logos (coming soon)

As part of the Inigo Team release, users will be able to add and edit logos on the top right of every card.