General Analytics

When you send your cards out with Inigo you can instantly understand if that card was viewed by your new acquaintance. Each card can be viewed multiple times and Inigo tracks those instances and reports back to you, the user, all of those views. Because Inigo is a digital business card you can use this data to understand which contacts are interested in you!

Checking views

Each card gets sent out with a special code that informs you when that card is viewed. You can check to see how many times the card is viewed by going to the analytics section in the menu.

How to access Analytics on Android

How to access Analytics on iPhone

 Kemba Tip:  Understanding analytics in History is much more powerful and useful than a summary. Read below!

Analytics Screen

You can edit the user name on each card. This spot is generally reserved for a name but you can put any text you want here. In the account settings you can create a default username to automatically set the name on every new card.

Analytics on Android

Analytics on iPhone

Understanding history

Every card that is shared will show up in History. You can learn about how History works here.

When the card is shared, a tracker is placed in the card to let you know when that card is viewed. If the card is opened once, the number one will appear for that share action. If the person opens, closes, then opens the card again you get a second view!

History Analytics on Android

History Analytics on iPhone

Each time the card is opened your view count will increase. If you share your card on social media, then every time that card is viewed in a news feed you will get another view. It is possible to get hundreds of views within minutes of sharing a card to social media.

 Kemba Tip:  Follow up first with the people that view your card. So if you meet 10 people and two view you, call them first!

FIltering by time

When viewing your analytics you can filter by the length of time that you have been using that card.

Each time period is controlled by the date that you shared the card. However, if a card is shared in a previous month and viewed in this current month it will count for a view in this month.

One common question is that a user will see views without shares. This is because a card that was shared in the past is being viewed within the date window.

Android Time Filter

iPhone Time Filter

Analytics for team (Coming Soon)

Analytics for team is a feature that combines your views into a chart that you can use as part of your team. You can combine your views with team members to reach sales goals. You can also compete with other teams to see who can get the most views. Oh the joy of competition!

You can either select from the templates, or choose your own image from your phone by clicking on the "+" button.