Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

If you’re not a Princess Bride fan, we still like you (just a little less). The inspiration behind the ‘Inigo’ name comes from the "Hello my name is" stickers we all joyously get to wear at events. That and the Spanish fencer hell-bent on vengeance who truly owned the phrase.

Inigo is the first business card replacement application that focuses on the company as the reason to switch to digital cards. By providing analytics to digital cards that are trackable by an account manager in real time we strongly believe that companies can take back contact information that used to be lost in the introduction.

Inigo works especially well for the individual. Just by downloading the app you get unlimited custom cards to create, free tracking of who clicks and views your cards, scrolling history of everyone you ever met with Inigo, and of course the ability to share with anyone on any phone at any time.

Inigo is for everyone that owns or buys business cards. This app should in all ways replace your need for paper, and in fact, we believe that you will find that Inigo is better than your old paper card. Try tracking how many times your paper card was actually looked at.

The goal of Inigo is to eliminate the use of paper cards but we know you need your security blanket. So we recommend traveling with half the cards you used to travel with. So when you run out, you have your trusty sidekick ready to spring into action. Then after the event see which one is easier to contact the people you met.

Questions about the App

From the home screen of the app select the word "Edit" on the card you want to edit. Then you can click the background, your name, your location, or anything else visible on this page to change.

Inigo updates your information automatically so if you want to make a change, edit your card and save it. The next time anyone opens that card they will see the most updated information.

On the card you want to share select the share icon (Android) or share text (iPhone) On the next screen, choose the method in which you would like to share your information. You can also share directly with social media.

Share your card to your own phone number. This will send a text to yourself and you can see what it looks like on the web. You can also preview the app on your phone by clicking "Test Element"

Tap near the bottom of your iPhone and drag upward. Select “Everyone” from the menu that reads “Airdrop.”

On an Android device go to the share screen and tap your phone with someone else that has NFC enabled. To enable NFC on both phones slide down from the notification bar and select settings > NFC > and turn on.

Select "share"" then select “QR.” This allows someone else to scan your phone to get your Inigo card. After scanning select a card to share back with them!


Android and iPhone have apps ready for you to use now. Inigo for Windows is in beta. When you share a card, any phone connected to the Internet can view it.

On the bottom of this website you will see a download section. Select the phone operating system you own and follow the link!

To share a card with someone, yes. To view your cards and scan them with a QR code, no. To create, edit, or see analytics…yes.

Common Errors

If you are getting a failure message while trying to login with a social network please try using email verification. If this does not work, fell free to email us at

If you find that your card is missing, please log out of Inigo by going to the account settings (the gear icon in "Menu"). Then log back in using a social network.

Did you lose your social network picture? This is probably because Inigo does not save your user information for other social networks. We do not believe in it. Did you change your password on that social network? Simply delete that element and then add that social network back into your list (do this in the “Account Settings” section, it's easier). Inigo will remember where you used this social network on your cards and automatically link it back up.

General Issues

Inigo will be automatically updated in the App Store. You do not have to update anything.

Yes, you can create as many cards as you like. Simply select add new from the home screen and you can create another card. Each card can have different elements, backgrounds, and titles.

Yes, you can use your login information to access Inigo from any device that Inigo is available for. You can also have multiple devices logged in at the same time. Just go to “Menu” then “Refresh” the data in the top of the menu bar to update each device when making changes.

Your Inigo Cards will always reflect the information that is on your phone. If you change or edit that information just ask your current Inigo friends (‘friends’ is never a term you use until now, recommend changing) to refresh their page. Otherwise, anytime they click to open it, their view will match the card on your phone.

The size of Inigo Card backgrounds does not matter as long as you have a 4:3 ratio between width and height. (ex. 1080×720 pixels)

Yes. We take pride in ourselves by not storing unwanted data. If you remove a card, then that card will be removed from our servers. However, your elements will still exist with the information included. If you would like to be completely removed from Inigo, delete all your elements and cards, then log out.

Partly. When you start using Inigo, your adventure begins. No matter if it a giant, princess, king or rodent of unusual size you come across, you’ll go forth with a boldness in manner unseen in any meeting, event or convention.

Inigo Team Questions

Inigo Team is in Beta. Once released, we will create an FAQ.

Security Questions

Inigo is asking you to login so that you can save and edit the cards you create. By logging in though a social network, Inigo understands who you are so that if you lose your phone your information is always saved because it is stored on our cloud.

Inigo uses the community of other social networks to remember who you are. We provide Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google as our main three options to sign in. Then we provide Twitter and Email as other solutions. Every login with Inigo is only used to specify who you are on the internet. Inigo will never see any passwords from any of the social networks you use. We leave that to the big companies.

Inigo is very safe. In fact, Inigo does not store any passwords because it requires you to use email, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to verify who you are. By doing this, Inigo stores your cards only when you login with one of those networks. If your passwords change on any network, we will need you to re-verify.

Inigo is very safe. In fact, Inigo does not store any passwords and requires you to use email, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to verify who you are. By doing this, Inigo stores your cards only when you log in with one of those networks. If your passwords change on any network then we will need you to re-verify.

Inigo allows you to create and share Inigo cards with users that you meet. They will view your card like they view a website. If you share your card on a social network then this card will become visible to Google searches.

Can't find an answer to your question?

Contact us anytime and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. We are committed to your enjoyment with Inigo and want to ensure that you stay with us for all of your new contact needs. Don't hesitate to ask us any question that is bothering you, or any ideas you might have to make the app better. Please enjoy the app, and we hope to can't wait to hear from you.

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