Inigo is designed to link the person you are, to the people you meet.

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An alternative to business cards and more

With Inigo you can create beautifully designed cards that allow you to share precisely the social and contact information you want in any situation.  Not only that, but you also have the ability to track and update the cards on the fly.

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Multiple Cards

Create multiple cards for different scenarios. You might need a business card for your day job or your hobby. Be prepared!

No Download Required

Never ask the person that you sent your Inigo Card to download anything. They can view your card in any format, on any device.

Links + Contacts

Business Cards are old school. Introducing Inigo. A way to share your old contact information with your new social networks. What is easier, clicking or typing?


Track the number of cards that you distribute. Analyze if the people you sent them to actually viewed it, and coming soon...check out which social network they clicked on to view you!

Custom Backgrounds

Design your business card for you. Upload your own image to create cards that impress.

No More Paper.

Never run out of business cards ever again! There is no need to wait for your cards to be mailed to you. Plus, with Inigo, you can create as many cards as you want for free.

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