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A business card must be designed by you to match how you want that client to perceive your unique personality because this business card is what they will have in their hand when considering the purchase. Make your business card easy to contact you, make the card beautiful, and track everywhere your card goes. Inigo is just the app to do it.

Inigo Digital Business Cards



Download Inigo from the Android or iPhone store and login using your email address or sign in with Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.



As long as you have a smartphone then you can send your information to the person you meet, and receive their information all in seconds.



Share your resume, contact information, webpage, portfolio or anything else on the web in one simple card that is clickable and visually appealing.



After sending your card you can check to see if that card is opened and what was clicked on. Discover if the important leads are interested in you and upload all contact data to a PC.

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Be Unique. Be Different. Be Yourself.

Create multiple cards for all of your personalities and never have to worry about buying new cards because when you update Inigo, everyone gets the newest card.

Anna Full Inigo Social (Gimped 2)

Personal Card

Anna Full Inigo Business (Gimped 3)

Business Card

Anna Full Inigo Dog Walker (Gimped 2)

Hobby Card

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Simply Elegant

Business cards are used by you to get a new job, land that client, or sell your product. Shouldn’t your card be designed by you? Upload custom backgrounds, choose your card title, and then select the elements that matter to you. Be creative. Be Yourself.

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Industry Leading Features

Inigo History Feature (Gimped)

Inigo will remember everyone you meet for you

Inigo Analytics Feature (Gimped)

Get notified when someone views or clicks on your card

Inigo Save Feature (Gimped)

Quickly save valuable information

Inigo Premium

All the people you meet using Inigo can be downloaded to a spreadsheet that can be uploaded to most CRM databases. This document includes the insight on who viewed the cards and which elements were clicked. Was a resume clicked on, or did the client go straight to your LinkedIn page? Did your promotional discount get viewed by your hopeful client? This is the power of Inigo Premium.

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